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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
1-U133622013Volvo670Volvo  D13  435Single BunkI SHIFT $55,700
1-U133632013Volvo670Volvo  D13  435Single BunkI SHIFT $55,700
1-U133682013Volvo670Volvo  D13  435Single BunkI SHIFT $53,700
1-U133802013Volvo670Volvo  D13  435Single BunkI SHIFT $57,700
1-U133822013Volvo670Volvo  D13  435Single BunkI SHIFT $55,700
1-U136422013Volvo730Volvo  D13  43571 Mid roof10 Speed $57,700
1-U146072013VolvoVHD64FTVolvo  D13  405I Shift $79,900
1-U146082013Volvo670=Cummins  ISX  450Double10 Speed $57,700
1-U146092013Volvo670=Cummins  ISX  450Double10 Speed $57,700
1-U146102013Volvo670=Cummins  ISX  450Double10 Speed $57,700
1-U146112013Volvo670=Cummins  ISX  450Double10 Speed $55,700
1-U146132013Volvo670=Cummins  ISX  450Double10 Speed $55,700
1-U146142013Volvo670=Cummins  ISX  450Double10 Speed $55,700
1-U126662012Volvo670Volvo  D13  43561" High Rise10 Speed $41,700
1-U127352012Volvo670Volvo  D13  43561" High Rise10 Speed $43,700
1-U127372012Volvo670Volvo  D13  43561" High Rise10 Speed $43,700
1-U126672012Volvo670Volvo  D13  40561" High Rise10 Speed $41,700
1-U129312012Volvo670Volvo  D13  475Double10 Speed $45,700
1-U131942012Volvo670Volvo  D13  475Double10 Speed $43,700
1-U131962012Volvo670Volvo  D13  475Double10 Speed $45,700
1-U139002012Volvo780Cummins  ISX  45071 High Rise13 Speed $54,700
1-U139052012Volvo780Cummins  ISX  45071 High Rise13 Speed $52,700
1-U137722012Volvo780Cummins  ISX  45071 High Rise13 Speed $54,700
1-U139672012Volvo670Cummins  ISX  45061HT10 Speed $39,700
1-U141722012Volvo780Cummins  ISX  45071 High Rise13 Speed $52,700
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